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* Print the PDF SOS Application Form, complete it, and drop it off at      the SOS offices

* Email your FULL resume in a Word document to 

* Email or drop off two (2) signed written employment and two (2)
    character letters of reference

* Please provide proof of Citizenship - if you are: 


        - Bermudian: a copy of your Bermuda passport or Letter of Bermudian Status issued by the
                Department of Immigration

        - Spouse of a Bermudian: a copy of your Spousal Letter issued by the Department of Immigration

        - PRC Holder: a copy of your Permanent Resident Certificate issued by the Department of

        - Non-Bermudian: a copy of your Seek and Reside Letter or Work Permit issued by the Department
                 of Immigration

* Submit a copy of First Aid and CPR Certificate (if you are applying for Child or Elder Caregiver and   
    Companion positions) 

* Submit a copy of your valid Bermuda Driver’s License 


* Submit all relevant Educational Certificates and Certifications for the position 

* Criminal Background Check – either from the Magistrate’s Court or the Bermuda Police Headquarters

Please call us at (441) 295-1585 once you have completed the above steps.

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